Used Games

We sell used video games in three different ways:

  1. Individually by title from our Warehouse 3 or Warehouse 4 Inventory Lists.  Click links below:Individually by title from our WAREHOUSE 3 INVENTORY LIST

    Individually by title from our WAREHOUSE 4 INVENTORY LIST

Approximately every 10-15 days we update our Warehouse 3 Inventory List
in an Excel file. To order, just enter the quantity of each
title you’d like to order in the “Order Qty” column. Note the total
quantity and total dollar amount will be calculated automatically at
the bottom of the spreadsheet as you enter the desired quantities. See
notes at the top of the Excel file regarding minimum quantities as
well as quantity discounts.
Our Warehouse 3 Inventory List contains approximately 5,000 titles and
includes current generation games and previous generation games.
Our goal is to have as many of the newer/better triple A titles
available used as possible. These are the titles that our
wholesale clients can use these titles as “bait” to encourage their
retail customers to trade-in their games. If you are new to the video
game business, you will quickly find that the majority of your profits
will be made on the games that are traded in to you. Unfortunately if
you don’t have the games that your retail customers WANT TO TRADE FOR,
they will take their trade-ins to Game Stop or another local game

The cheapest way to buy games.
If you are looking for the best price per piece and/or don’t require
specific game titles, ordering a “package” of games is the way to go.

Pre-packaged Packages
– Several times a month, we E-Mail pre-packaged packages of games
for various platforms. These packages will contain a specific list of
games for a set price. We find that most of our customers for these
packages are looking to purchase at the lowest possible unit price. To
keep the average unit price down, we include what we refer to as
“crap games” in these packages, these games are normally older sports
games and are best used to bundle with game consoles to offer a
package to the retail customer. These packages will include a range
of titles from the crap games at the low end to some better titles
that aren’t too expensive that they increase the unit price of the
package dramatically. If you have a need for games at a variety of
prices, these packages can work for you. If you are looking to sell each
of the games in the package individually based on the
value/desirability of the title, you will be better off selecting a
custom package of games (see below for more).

Custom Packages –
Custom game packages offer the value of purchase games in a package
as well as the flexibility of giving you some choice over the selection
of games you receive. While you can not select individual titles to
be included in a package (to select games by, use one of the 2
options above), you can select titles that you DON’T WANT in the
package. You can also select genres or groups of games you don’t want
in a package. If you don’t want any sports games, let us know. If
you don’t want M rated games, just tell us.

When ordering a custom package, we will ask you for the criteria of the games you want or don’t want in the package.

A sample criteria for a package might be:

I want 100 Xbox 360 games with an even mix from newer to older titles. I
don’t want any soccer or hockey games and I don’t want any sports
games older than 2010. I only want one copy per title.

You can also give us a specific list of game titles that you don’t
want and we won’t include any of those in the package. This strategy
works great for retail stores that are looking to expand their
selection without duplicating the game titles that are already on
their shelves. All you need to do is send us a list of your current
inventory (or just the inventory for the platform you’re wanting to
order for) and give us the criteria for the games you’d like to
receive (similar to above).

The minimum quantity of pieces per platform for a game package is 25. The packages are normally
invoiced at one average price for the entire package, but on smaller,
more diverse packages, we can invoice them at 25-30% off the used
retail price (25% off orders under $5,000/30% off orders over $5,000).
When your package is invoiced this way, you will receive an itemized
invoice with individual prices for each game title which may be useful
to help you determine the retail price to sell the games for
(especially if you’re not a subscriber to our Game Price Guide Service.

Store Opening Packages
– Our used video game inventory lends itself very well to new game
stores looking for an initial inventory of hundreds or thousands of
different game titles, but only 1 or 2 copy per title. If you are
opening a video game store, video store or other business where you need
a wide variety of games, but not necessary large quantities of each
title, please contact us with a few details and we’ll forward our
sample store package calculator spreadsheet with our recommendations.