International Sales

We welcome international sales.

Please note the following regarding sales to areas outside the United States:

  • All of the games we sell are NTSC/US/North American versions. They
    may or may not work on consoles in your country. It is up to you to
    determine if these games will be compatible with consoles in your
    country. We do have a number of customers in Europe purchasing
    PlayStation 3, Sony PSP and Nintendo DS games, they appear to work in
    European consoles with no problems.
  • We will make shipping arrangements for shipments going to the United
    States and Canada. If your “Ship To” address is in another country, we
    can ship on your DHL account or you will need to make shipping arrange
    to have the merchandise picked up at our warehouse. We recommend using a
    freight forwarding service or forwarding company such as

    A number of our customers have worked with the following
    freight forwarder in San Francisco. They have been very easy to work
    with and can pick up shipments at our warehouse on short notice.

    268 Lawrence Ave.
    S. San Francisco, Ca. 94080
    (650) 244-6171
    TEL: 650-876-0751
    FAX: 650-876-0543

    Contact: Bob Vockel –
    bob.vockel@sekoworldwide.comThis e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

  • The following payment methods are accepted on international sales:
    • Wire transfer
    • COD to an address in the United States
    • Prepaid by Cashier’s Check

    We DO NOT accept credit cards on international sales.
    We DO NOT accept PayPal on international sales.